Release 0.1 OSD600

Release 1 and Lab 2 is all about getting familiar with Git and Github. The main tasks were about filing an issue in Github and learning how to pull request.  I was given the opportunity to be a part of Filer and Filer.js. This is my first open source project.


Filing the Issue

This was the very first time I tried filing an issue. I needed to tutor myself about the filing of an issue on Github. You can find some of the tutorials I used here . It took me quite a while to find an issue with Filer. After a lot of researching and knowing more about Github, I was easy for me to find an issue.

The issue was adding a test for fs.truncate << test, when file does not exists.

My issue link:

I got the heads up to work on this issue from my professor and I immediately started working on it.

Creating a Pull Request

To create a pull request for my issue, I had to fork the code into my Github and then a create branch from the master branch to edit the code. I wrote my piece of code in Github itself not knowing I had to first test in out on Visual Studio Code. I created a pull request and after 39 seconds of the code build up I received the error that my code failed.

After a little help from other student’s code, I tested it out on Visual Studio Code and got a bunch of errors in my first try. I fixed it and tried it again. It worked half way and I didn’t have the patience for it to check the entire thing as it took quite some time and I created commit to the code. It failed again. After another round of fixing errors and failure, it finally worked. It was satisfying to see that green tick at the side of my pull request.

My pull request link:


I have used Promises in my code. I looked into other student’s code and most of them have used promises to test out the functions. Promises are a good way of testing out functions. It makes the code look more neat and makes the code look easy to read and understand. You can find more information about Promises here .

Reviewing other issues

I got to know a great deal about Filer.js, promises, Github and git just by reviewing other student’s code. I took a while to create my first issue as I had missed the first three weeks of class. Learning from other’s code and through slack I gained a lot of knowledge about what needs to be done for my first test.

My reviewed issue link:


I have used Github a number of times in the past but just to seek help from. I had never really thought about being a contributor on Github. Being a part of this huge open source community gives me the thrill to code better and learn even more about coding. This was just the beginning towards something bigger and better.




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