Release 0.3 External PR

I am back with my final pull request for Release 0.3. I have already done two internal pull requests and this final one is external, that is, a pull request outside of Seneca projects.

I wanted to work on the internal project, Solitary which is based in C# and Unity but I did not understand what was going on in there as C# and Unity are totally new to me.

I did some research on C# and I thought of doing the external project on C#. You can find more information about C# here. I found a project, awesome-examples, where I had to write code in any programming language to display date and time. I chose to display date and time in C# and JavaScript.

Date and Time in C#

I tried a few of the properties I learnt in C# for this pull request.

0.3 pr

You can find more information about C# properties here.

PR Link:

Date and Time in JavaScript

This was easy yet meaningful. I did another PR in the same project but in JavaScript because it caught my interest. I had fun doing it. Learning new functions in different languages and seeing how two languages are so different yet it gives the same output interested me. I played around with both languages and took a note of their differences and similarities.

PR Link:


With this post, I come to an end of Release 0.3. Getting bigger and better was the motive of this assignment and I definitely feel I have gotten bigger and better in terms of coding. I did work on JavaScript, C#, CSS and HTML for release 0.3 which is a whole lot more than release 0.2.

I plan to dive deeper for Release 0.4 as there is a whole lot of stuff to learn in this huge open source community.


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