Release 0.3 Internal PR

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be working on some projects that my classmates opened on Github. For this post, I am going to talk about the pull requests that I created in projects by my classmates at Seneca.

In my previous post, I said that I would be working on a project by one of my classmates called Solitary. This project is based on C# and Unity, two languages that I have no idea about. When I tried to find issues to do, I found it quite hard to understand the project. There is a lot to learn with Unity and C#. For the Solitary project, I wanted to do the README file but another student had already taken it. I tried to get involved with the art assets for the project but I did not know what the owner had in mind. There was a lot of communication gap between the owners and hence I decided to work on something else. I am still trying by best to understand the project as I have not given up on it yet.

1. Internal PR 1

I created my first internal pull request for the project, SenecaBlackBoardExtension . This was all about adding links to Seneca Blackboard. I added the link of Seneca Important Academic Dates , Seneca Libraries and Seneca Faculty and Staff Information . I also changed the font size to 16px.

I had to update the JavaScript file to add the links.

Issue Link:

PR Link:

2. Internal PR 2

I created the second pull request for the same project. This was about creating a new theme for Seneca Blackboard. I found a previous issue that someone did with a dark theme. So I tried to make a new theme for Seneca Blackboard. I changed the theme to a light bluish color. For this pull request I had a merge conflict with the manifest.json because someone already had a dark theme for the website before me. The owner of the project merged this pull request into the main branch by the end of the day.

For this project, I had to create a .css file called seneca-new-theme.css. I changed the background to a light blue and the borders to dark blue.

Issue Link:

PR Link:


The requirements for Release 0.3 was to do something bigger than Release 0.2. For Release 0.2, I had done simple coding mostly related to localisation. I did not dive deeper into programming. For Release 0.3, I thought of doing a README file but I was hesitant as it may not be enough. These two pull requests are all coding in JavaScript, HTML and CSS which actually helped me in brushing up the web programming skills I learnt in my previous courses.


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