Final Post

This has been the end of a four month long course, OSD 600. This course has definitely taught me a lot.

I missed out on the first two weeks of the course due to some personal problems but I soon got back up. My professor was very helpful through out the semester. Lectures and assignments were on point.

I would really like to thank my Prof for introducing me to this open source community. I was just an outsider before but I never really thought of contributing to it myself.

For the Release 0.1, it was just the beginning and since I did not know much I had to ask for a lot of help from class mates as well as online. I made my first pull request in this release.

For Release 0.2, I took part in the hactoberfest. I did contribute in various fields, not only coding. My pull requests helped me learn a lot about the open source community. No matter what your back ground is, open source does not differentiate. You can contribute where ever you feel comfortable contributing. It is all your choice.

For Release 0.3, I learnt a lot from my classmates. Many of them had created their own projects and ideas on GitHub and we could contribute to it. They were a lot of interesting ideas like different games, Seneca blackboard and a lot more. It was amazing to see so many ideas brought to life just with a little bit of help from everyone.

For Release 0.4, I wished I could have known about GitHub when I was in high school. Those tough calculus problems were a struggle for me. But these matrix algorithms made everything easier.



This course has taught me a lot about the open source community. This will definitely not be the end of contribution from my side. I will try to contribute more and more and develop my skills as a programmer.

No code is small and no code is right. That same piece of code will be evolved over the years into something better. So take risks and contribute. Your mistake can actually be some one else’s solution.

Happy Coding !!!




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