Release 0.4 External PR 1

For Release 0.4, I had to create two external pull request and one internal pull request since I had done the opposite for Release 0.3.

For my first external pull request, I chose to do a calculus program that is matrix programming. This pull request hit close to home. I remember doing calculus mathematics in high school manually, without any computerized program or calculator. Since I am from India and we have a totally different education system compared to Canada, it was compulsory for me learn Calculus. I remember my friends and me struggling most of the time with it. We were not allowed to use calculators during exams and it was quite tough.

When I came across this repository, I thought to myself, I wish I knew about this when I was in high school. It would have made life easier for me.

I chose to do a Tridiagonal Matrix algorithm in this pull request.

The Issue

Issue link :

The issue was created by the owner of the repository. The issue was about linear algebra programs. Someone had already taken determinant of a matrix algorithm. So I took Tridiagonal Matrix algorithm.

Pull Request

I did the sum manually like how I used to do it in high school. A lot of memories came back to me. I did it manually to understand it better instead of just looking up the solution on google. The program needed to be written in JavaScript. I did some research on how to incorporate different section of the sum into code. The tridiagonal matrix is also known as the Thomas algorithm. You can find more information about it here.

PR link:


I am still waiting for a review from the owner of the repo for my code to be approved. This definitely was very interesting for me as I got to learn how to solve a complicated mathematics sum using a program.


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