Release 0.4 Internal PR 1

So for the internal pull request of release 0.4, I chose to work on Seneca Blackboard Extension.

I tried to work on a project that involved unity and C# but soon realized that I am certainly not meant for gaming. Since I thought, this project involved puzzle games so it would be different to other games, but when I started to work on it, I just knew this wasn’t what I was looking for.

The Issue

I chose to add a Volume and video control extension on Seneca Blackboard.  The first problem that I ran into was regarding forking the repository.

I had done pull request for Release 0.3 from this repository and had forked this repo. Since then a lot of changes had been made to this repository. Hence, the forked repo had not been updated. They were a lot of articles online about how to push the changes into the forked repo. You can find those articles here. I tried them but could not succeed.

git bash

Then I found an article that mentioned a way of updating the forked repository via the browser it self. There were two articles that helped me out with this situation.



After updating my forked repository, I created a file and added my code to it.

PR link


I do not know if this method of forking my repository created problems for travis build. I hope not.

I definitely learnt how to fork and update the forked repository which I had been struggling with before. I used to fork a repository and forget to create a branch apart from the master and add my changes. This method was helpful to me.

I got to learn about the different features in JavaScript in regards to volume and video controls.


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