Diving deeper into Open Source

This course is giving me the opportunity to learn more from open source coding. I did simple open source projects in the past to get to know how things work in the open source community. This semester I plan on working on some big projects like Visual Studio code, Angular and React.

There is a vast variety of projects to do with open source and it is really difficult to choose which one to work on. I needed to narrow down my specifications to pick out the projects that I plan to work on through out the semester.

I looked for projects based on languages that I already new as learning a totally new language would be difficult to complete in the short time span. I also looked for projects that I wished to do before but did not have the confidence to dive into it. Also projects that had a high number of contributors that are active was a priority as I would very much need help with the code I put out there.

The three projects that I plan to work on this semester would be –

      1.  Visual Studio Code

It is mostly written in JavaScript and Typescript. I have learnt how to work with java script and I have a little knowledge with typescript. VScode has around 795 contributors and it is a really good community to work with.

Visual Studio Code is huge and has a lot of issues. I would start on something small first and continue to research more of the issue and pull requests to get familiar with it.

       2. AngularJS

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. I did use AngularJS back in third semester so I have experience with the language. It has 811 contributors and quite active.

       3. React

I have done a little bit of react too before but certainly not much. I still need to learn more about it.


I still need to do my research regarding these projects to get more familiar with it. I am still looking at other projects to work on. I am looking forward to working on some of these projects and make contributions that matter. These projects will definitely help me push my limits with programming.






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