Mapping Out the releases

This week was all about finding issues to work on the next few weeks. I had vscode in mind to find issues and work on it. But as I looked through vscode issues, I could not find one to work on. All seemed to be taken. They have almost, 4,500 issues and it is just a very chaotic environment. It was hard for me to find issues that I could do on vscode.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I wished to work on vscode, angular or react. I looked through angular and but nothing caught my attention. Then I started searching through react. I found react interesting with a number of projects to work on like Facebook react, their webisite is an open source project too 

The React community is a very responsive and helpful community. After going through all their projects and looking for issues, I found a link to join their discord account, Reactiflux. It is definitely a very active and helpful community. They help you solve simple issues as well as the larger ones.

I looked into a lot of issues and found some that I could do.

  1. Facebook/ React issue 1 :- This issue was opened up on December 14th, 2018. The person who filed the issue gave a very detailed description of what needs to be done. The issue is that ShallowRenderer does not work with Class.contextType. Shallow rendering lets you render a component “one level deep” and assert facts about what its render method returns, without worrying about the behavior of child components, which are not instantiated or rendered. ShallowRenderer is useful in unit tests. You can find more about it here. I asked permission to this issue and I was given the “go to” to do it. I am currently working on this with the help of the discord react community.
  2. Facebook/ React issue 2  :- So the next is also from Facebook react. This issue was opened up in the beginning of this month. The issue is about componentDidMount unable to catch Error. tutorials gives a very detailed explanation of React.component. You can find more information about it here. It say that, componentDidMount() is invoked immediately after a component is mounted (inserted into the tree). I have already asked for permission on this.
  3. :- This issue was filed on the open source react website for more documentation on TextRenederer and ShallowRenderer. The website needs more documentation and examples in regards to this. This is more of a research issue that I plan to do.

Conclusion :- 

After a lot of going back and forth with the projects I had in mind, I finally got what I needed to work on. This is just a small step towards actually putting myself out there and working with big code.

Happy Coding!


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