Release 0.2

For Release 0.1, I did some documentation on react. It was good but I was not satisfied with my work. I felt it was too less or that I was in the wrong place. So I switched to Android Development.

I was introduced to Android development at the beginning of this year through the course MAP524. I took an immediate interest in the course and decided to work on the same for OSD700 with a little encouragement from my professor.

The project I chose to work on is Simple Calendar from Simple Mobile Tools.

Simple Mobile Tools have a number of simple mobile apps like Simple Gallery, Simple Contacts, Simple Notes and Simple File Manager. As an android user, I already have apps like these pre-installed on my device. These apps need permissions to access files from my device and come with a lot of disturbances like advertisements.

The creator of Simple Mobile tools did a great job in building these convenient apps for users like me. Simple and efficient.

But there are always bugs to fix even if a projects seems done. I chose to go through some of the bugs on Simple Calendar.

Building Simple Calendar

The issue about this project is there are no contributing guide lines and the README file is just a description of the app with its licence. After cloning the folder I tried to open it on Android studio using Version Control (git) since that is the general way of importing files from github to Android Studio. It failed to build.

All it took me to make it work was to add a file named .


I added this to the file and the build finally worked.

The Issue

With the way the create event page is formatted, event type is listed right at the bottom of the page, where you need to scroll down to the page to find it. ->


Even on the README page, you do not see the Event type.


The issue was to give event type a more prominent place at the side of the event title.

Issue Link –

Pull Request

I chose to work on this issue since it was more of designing the application. This project is based on Kotlin and I have only learnt Android development with Java and Xml.

This issue helped me get a better understanding of the app and the way it is programmed in Kotlin. To bring the Event type color at the side of the Event title, I designed it with a Relative layout below Event title, Edit Text.

sc1WhatsApp Image 2019-02-08 at 11.30.08 AM (1)

This is a preview  ->


PR link –


After working on it, I created the pull request and I was happy with it. But the owner did not like it and closed the issue. It was quite a disappointment for me. The problem with this repository is, people file issues, the owner labels them as a “bug” or “feature request” and when some tries to work on the issue he says he isn’t interested in this feature. Most of the bugs that were filed, I tested it out and it wasn’t a even bug.

This maybe a disappointment, so the next time I am here I will have more experience and knowledge about Kotlin so that I can work on some in depth issues.




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