Release 0.3

For Release 0.3 I chose to work on a different android project called Minimal-To-Do.

This application reminds you to do tasks on a daily basis. It’s a basic project so there is a lot of scope to fix errors and update features. This project was active till December with the owner merging some pull requests. But after that there is no sign of the owner on any of the issues or pull requests. But issues are still being filed and pull requests being made.

Setting Up

To set up the project on android studio I had to simply add the repository url from github through version control and it sets up on its own.


The Issue

Issue 1


So in this issue when the android keyboard is activated, the reminder text is hidden and it looks clumsy.

To fix this I made a few changes to the AndroidManifest.xml.


This attribute resizes the layout and brings the editable text into focus.


PR link:


Issue 2


For this issue when you add tasks it does not sort them in any way i.e alphabetically or by date.

To solve this I used  “Collections.sort” in android studio java to sort it alphabetically. This issue is still underway as the app keeps crashing after opening it the second time.


Status Update

For the next release I will be working on this issue I found while doing my Release 0.3.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 3.13.12 PM

As you can see, the time in the screenshot is 3:12pm 8th March but when I try to put in a reminder for 5pm 8th March, it gives me the error “The date you have entered is in the past” which is not true.

For next week, I will complete the second issue and third one.


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