For Release 0.4, I wanted do something different and get into a repository that is more interactive than the other ones that I contributed to in the past.

I was introduced to the translation of reactjs.org into different languages by a classmate – Is React translated yet? I found it very interesting as react is being translated into 42 different languages. Out of these 42 languages I know 3 languages – Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati. I chose to go with translating reactjs.org into Hindi since this repository is more interactive with really good maintainers.

Building React in Hindi was easy since I had already done it before in English. You need to install yarn and run command “yarn dev.” Open up react hindi on your localhost.



I observed the hindi repository for a few days to see how the maintainers of this repo were. They followed rules strictly and only gave second pages to translators if their first page was merged. The work is slow but the level and quality of translation is high.

I picked “Style and Lifecycle” to translate into Hindi. I wanted to go in order instead of choosing randomly and I thought why not learn something new about react.

I requested this issue and had an immediate response from the maintainers. After assigning me this issue, I could not start on it for a couple of days but the maintainers were concerned on the progress made which shows their interest in their work.


Issue Link: https://github.com/reactjs/hi.reactjs.org/issues/1

Pull Request

I was able to translate the entire page in three to four hours. I do have experience typing in Hindi when I was in high school. I did some programming too in Hindi but it was a long time ago. So actually getting a hang of typing in Hindi all over again was interesting. It brought back a lot of memories of home and school.

I had made the pull request in the morning and by the end of the day the maintainers had responded to correct certain errors. I like the way the maintainers work. It is organised and specific, which makes it easier for me to correct my errors. Each line is checked for errors and it is done in sections.


PR link: https://github.com/reactjs/hi.reactjs.org/pull/26


Once this page is merged I can work on another page and keep contributing to this repository. Localisation is not easy. I thought I could finish four pages in a day but it takes a lot of time and effort to translate each word correctly into a different language. This issue not only enhanced my skills to program in Hindi but also taught me new things about React.

I plan to keep working in this for the rest of the semester.

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