Release 0.6

In my previous blog post, I promised to be back with another pull request for the translation of into Hindi. Good news is that I did manage to get another pull request done, but bad news is that my previous pull request has not yet been merged – something that I was eagerly looking forward to.

I managed to get the maintainers to agree that I am comfortable with working on translating multiple pages and I would be happy to do another page. Due to my good work and prompt responses in my previous pull request, they assigned me another page.



This time I did not make the mistake of translating a lengthy page, since I know it is going to take ages for the maintainers to review and merge it.

So I took on the task of translating one of the API reference pages – ReactDOM.

The react-dom package provides DOM-specific methods that can be used at the top level of your app and as an escape hatch to get outside of the React model if you need to. Most components do not use this module, which made me curious to learn how I could incorporate it into making simple React apps.

This page describes five functions of the React-dom package.


I found that translating this page had gotten alot easier since the previous. With this page, I exactly knew what the maintainers were looking for, what words needed to be kept in English and what needed to be translated into Hindi but with the English word and knowing what tense the documents should be in.

I did learn quite a few things that I had never used with react before since these functions are rarely used in the making of react apps.

Issue link:

PR link:

Preview: https://deploy-preview-31–


Translating into Hindi is a huge plus point for the Hindi speaking community in India and being able to contribute to this feels like a good deed done. The maintainers are slow or else this would have been translated a long time ago. Translating React into Hindi would mean, schools and colleges in India with a Hindi base, incorporating this into their curriculum since not many important documents like visual studio or android has been translated.

This Release is the last one for this course, but I am looking forward to contributing to this repository till it is entirely translated.


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